Chai po trops

Did I like growing up in Little Burgundy?
haha, well, for the most part, no.
BUT, there still were some good times.
See, I never really fit in. I still don’t.

Here’s an oddity:
a large part of me feels proud whenever I tell someone that I grew up here.

It comes from the fact that Burgundy is an amalgam of differences.
I’m not quite sure I can describe it as an alloy. Sidenote: in this case, I define alloy as a strengthened combination of several things pure. Ex: Steel> iron + very low percentage of carbon.

Now, where was I? Ah, that’s right, me feeling proud of the fact that I grew up here.
I think it’s because Burgundy is known as a tough neighbourhood. Many who’ve resided in this « hood » have and are overcoming struggles.

Ce quartier n’est pas une qui est superficiel. Aime-je ce caracteristique? Un peu ouais, un peu non.


2014-05-17 Kabisha-Photos026Vinet Park


It’s all a hazy me-mo-ry.
Playing on this massive
rotating mechanism.
Afternoons and weekends spent
goofin’ round
on what we now call,
an old-fashioned,
manic contraption.

We’re too embarassed now.
Too grown-up now.
‘Least that’s what we think.


This picture looks like something from way back in the past, which is pretty much the reality of the memory: something way back in the past.

"Street View"

Lower Street View      Upper Street View



This is my daily eye level street view. This may be your first time seeing this view. I have seen this view almost everyday for the past

twenty years !

– Tivon T.