Entrées par Tivon Thompson

Vinet Park

  This is one of the parks that holds many of my childhood memories. Growing up i remember playing in this park and having the most fun. To me this was the neighbourhoods six flags amusement park. This place was the most exciting, scary, entertaining and populated park throughout my childhood.

Burgundy Dreams

Here is a video project I did in high school three years ago. The project still reflects my views of the community today. Its crazy how things change. Condos are going up at a faster rate than ever and the word gentrification doesn’t even explain how the riches of the community are being replaced with […]

Behind Elgin Terrace

  This is the south side of Elgin Terrace. The two blocks surrounding these backyards are ram packed with low income housing project buildings and houses. I used one camera to take these two pictures. While taking these pictures i was being watched by six different cameras. Due to past crime in the area the […]