Entrées par Kabisha

The core holds strong

Campbell : the core Everything else can be easily blown away. A place of evolution. I went from the jungle gym, to the soccer field, to the court. Campbell : le noyau Tout autre pourrait facilement être souffler ailleurs par le vent. Une place d’évolution. Je suis allée du place pour les jeunes, au terrain de […]


They put make up on her. Who you may ask. Ils ont mit du maquillage sur elle. Qui, demandes-tu? I’m talking about the planners, the renovators. They put make up on her. My home is what I mean by her. The building where I have spent 95% of what I now refer to as my […]

Chai po trops

Did I like growing up in Little Burgundy? HELL NO! haha, well, for the most part, no. BUT, there still were some good times. See, I never really fit in. I still don’t. Here’s an oddity: a large part of me feels proud whenever I tell someone that I grew up here. It comes from […]


Vinet Park  Nosta’ It’s all a hazy me-mo-ry. Playing on this massive rotating mechanism. Afternoons and weekends spent goofin’ round on what we now call, an old-fashioned, manic contraption. We’re too embarassed now. Too grown-up now. ‘Least that’s what we think.   This picture looks like something from way back in the past, which is […]